Healthy Adult Boat Tool

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Overcome challenges, progress through life’s voyage. Three panels show how the Healthy Adult Boat survives stormy seas and finds a safe harbor.

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  • The Healthy Adult Boat Tool is a 63 cm x 30 cm board, which folds into thirds to store in an A4 size box. The front side of the board depicts how various aspects of healthy functioning interact with each other. The reverse side of the right-hand panel shows the symbols for all of the elements of the boat with brief explanations of them.
  • The buttons show the symbols for all the elements of the boat, they can placed on the board to enhance understanding.
  • It comes with a sturdy metallic A4 box which can also carry up to 5 sets of iModes products.
  • The Healthy Adult Boat Tool uses the visual metaphor of a boat to explain Healthy Adult functioning and show how emotional states (modes), emotional needs, and the qualities of the healthy adult interact with each other. It’s ideal to educate patients about how healthy functioning, represented by a boat, is affected by life events, schema mode activation, someone’s environment, and personal strengths.
  • They can be used creatively and flexibly as a tool for psychoeducation and strength mobilization. They are suitable for use by persons aged 12 years and older.

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