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David’s new book: Using the iModes in Schema Therapy and beyond: 25 ways to make therapy more effective

• For quite some time people have been asking us questions like, “When will there be a guide on how to work with the iModes?” and “Can you give us some tips on how to work with the cards?”.
• The time has come! We present you David’s new book which shows you 25 ways to make your (schema) therapy more effective.
• This book is a hands-on manual that explains how to work with the iModes in a variety of contexts.
• Enhance the effectiveness of any type of therapy while working with clients with any type of disorder.
• Examples of broad and creative uses of the iModes are displayed in this book.
• This book contains 12 full-color illustrations showing you how to use the iModes in practice.
• It will be showcased at the VGCT najaarscongres 2018 for the first time. Click here for more information.

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