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Yes, you do not need to be a Schema Therapist, or even a psychotherapist, to use the iModes. The iModes can be incorporated into your work no matter your therapeutic orientation. The iModes can also be used by non-psychologists. They are currently being used by creative arts therapists, vocational therapists, social workers, family therapists, youth workers, and even in private home environments. The images have been created in such a way that they are intuitive to use and clear to everybody. Instructional videos and more information on how the cards could be used are under construction.

Different versions for male and female clients have been created, so that the client can recognize the modes and related to them more easily.

The iModes are usually shipped between 1-3 business days from placing the order. Actual delivery time depends on the country where the order is shipped to, and in-country postal services. In our experience, shipments in The Netherlands usually arrive between 3-5 days after placing the order, while deliveries in the other EU region can take up to 8 business days. Shipping times outside the EU may vary, and solely depend on the local courier.

Orders within the EU region are free of customs fees. For countries outside the EU, please visit the webpage of your countries own customs department for rules and regulations.

Prof. David Bernstein is often invited to give workshops or lectures as an expert in the field of personality disorders. He gives a variety of workshops using the iModes. For more information and availability, please contact us at info@i-modes.com

Yes, customized orders are possible in different languages. Depending on the language and the amount of sets needed, the costs of a custom-made order may differ from our standard price. We may also ask you to assist us in translating the iModes into your preferred language. Please contact us at info@i-modes.com for more information about custom-made orders.

Currently we not offer the iModes in a digital format.

Please note it may take up to 10 business days (or longer) for orders to arrive, depending on the country the order is being shipped to, and local bank holidays. If you haven’t received your order after 10 business days, please contact us on info@i-modes.com. Clearly state your order number in the message. We will do our utmost to facilitate your order as quickly as possible.

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